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North Dakota State University Press gives region a voice. Our focus is on works that aide our understanding of the Red River Valley, the state of North Dakota, and the northern plains and prairies. We publish scholarly and literary works (nonfiction, fiction, and poetry), relying on standard university press processes of acquisition, including peer review. Our prize-winning selections of publications range from young adult novels to scientific studies. Additionally, we provide students experiential learning and the opportunity to earn our Certificate in Publishing as they assist in our day-to-day operations. Interns gain experience in acquisitions, production, marketing & publicity, and distribution. We host the annual Poetry of the Plains and Prairies Award, and we also publish works in three series: The Contemporary Voices of Indigenous Peoples, The Heritage Guide Series, and A Little Book about North Dakota.

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Suzzanne Kelley

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In 1950, the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved the establishment of the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies. The Institute's mission was two-fold: collect archival materials and publish works pertaining to our region. That mission is still in full force today, served by the NDSU Archives and NDSU Press. North Dakota State University Press publishes six to ten books annually.

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