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With over 75 years of retail and customer experience under our belts, our team has been creating solutions to get businesses and organizations caught up to the new normal.  Give us a call today to talk about hand sanitizer, dispensers, or foggers.  We have an extensive line of products as well as more in the pipeline.  From our SD-4 walk through hand sanitizer dispensing system to our hand held foggers to our other applications, our company is a must to be networked with in the new economy.  Hand sanitizer, sanitizer lotions and other cleaners are also available.

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Greg Kempel

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We started producing hand sanitizer in April of 2020.  While interviewing customers and clients, it was obvious that more was needed to help keep businesses sustainable and grow in the new normal.  We are here to help businesses meet these new demands.  Whether it is hand sanitizer, hand santiizer lotion, gel or foam, or any type of dispenser available or if we have to invent a dispenser for you, all of this complements our SD-4, walk through hand sanitizing dispensing system.  Email us at TJ@sanitizingoptions.com or greg@santiizingoptions.com

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