Moon River Distillery

At Moon River Distillery, we believe that excellence is achieved through careful craftsmanship, so when the crops are in and the ground begins to freeze, we will be busy perfecting processes, distilling vodka, and filling, labeling and numbering each bottle by hand to ensure you always get the best of what we have to offer. 

Manufacturing distilled spirits and honey wine.

Category:   Food & Beverages
Scott Thompson

6937 Highway 18
Park River, ND 58270

Phone Number: (701) 331-1484

Cell Phone Number: (701) 331-1484



Founded in 2006, with the potato. It is where the start of our glorious product begins. Our vodka is created by combining potatoes and water, heating the mixture into a mash to convert the starches into sugars. Then, the liquid is extracted from the mash, which starts the fermentation process.

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