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Magic Morsels is a custom studio bakery located in Minot, North Dakota. We are a family-owned, small business. Our diverse menu features gourmet desserts created from scratch utilizing whole, high-quality ingredients. Everything is prepared in small batches, getting the love and care we feel gourmet desserts deserve. Pickup, delivery, and catering services are available. Orders can be placed by phone or email. More information can be found on our website. Our goal is to bring out the magic in every morsel we individually create for you!

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Brekka Bloms-Hancock

2204 Skyline Dr
Minot, ND 58703-0958

Phone Number: (701) 509-4794


History: Proudly serving the Minot area since 2010.
Member Since: 09/01/2012

Available in a variety of flavors, always created from scratch using high-quality ingredients. Custom decorated to match your event.

Caramel Dipped Apples & Pretzels
Whether it's a sweet & crispy apple, or a snappy & salty pretzel, you'll love how it pairs with our slow-cooked, homemade caramel! But we don't stop there: they're also rolled in a variety of toppings and drizzled with chocolate. By the time we're done with the apples, they weigh in at over a pound each!

Granulated sugar, real butter, whole cream, and vanilla bean seeds are the rockstar ingredients that define our homemade caramel. Always created in small batches and slow-cooked to perfection, they are offered in a variety of flavors, each individually wrapped with cellophane. Available by the half and whole pound.

The dessert that started Magic Morsels, these babies are the definition of gourmet. Available in over thirty flavors, they are always created from scratch using high-quality ingredients. Our nine-inch beauties are three-inches tall, and weigh over five pounds each!

Cookies & Bars
Cookies and bars are charming bakery classics. We offer several different flavors ranging from timeless and traditional to unique & specialty. Each flavor is created from scratch in small batches, and sold by the dozen.

Created from scratch with high-quality ingredients, these charming cuties are the ideal indulgence for any occasion. Available in a variety of flavors, and custom decorated to match your event.

Decorated Vanilla Bean Cookies
Thick vanilla bean cookies hand-decorated with royal icing.They are the perfect canvas to customize for your event and are as delicious as they are detailed!

Dessert Bars
A Magic Morsels Dessert Bar is a collection of miniature desserts combined with custom decor work. They are an impressive display of gratitude to your guests, offering variety and fun on your event day! From the desserts to the decor, every element is customized to your preferences. We work with you to create a menu that fits both your personal taste and your budget, and a display that incorporates your desired colors and theme. As always, the desserts are created from scratch using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Please see our website for more information (www.magicmorselsminot.com).

Gift Assortments
Every December we offer Gourmet Gift Assortments sure to please anyone on your list! Each assortment features a variety of our made-from-scratch desserts and is presented in high quality packaging. Shipping is available on some of the assortments.

Krumkake & Pizzelles
These traditional favorites are extra special to us, as they're tied to both of our owner's grammas. We so enjoy making them in honor of these two inspirational beauties! Our Krumkake is created using Gramma Basol's Norwegian recipe. With a hankie on her head, coffee in one hand, and the vanilla bottle in another, she would always smile and say "Just dump it in there...you can never have TOO much vanilla!" We completely agree. Our Pizzelles are created using one of Gramma Bloms' recipes. Although they're an Italian favorite, in our family they were a German specialty. Every Christmas included these yummies, and we hand-cut around the grilled pattern just like gramma taught us! Both are sold in packs of six.

Our pies combine time-honored and traditional techniques with fresh and simple ingredients. They are available in fifteen seasonal flavors, and are always created from scratch. Our crusts are our specialty and are a practice in precision. We mix and chill, hand roll and chill, and fill and chill, before finally baking. This process produces a flaky, buttery, tender perfection we pride ourselves on!

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