Leo's Potato Dumplings, LLC

Leo’s Potato Dumplings specializes in producing frozen potato dumplings. These great tasting potato dumplings are made with products produced in North Dakota. Leo's potato dumplings are all-natural with no preservatives. They can be found in over 40 stores throughout North Dakota.We have also expanded our line of products to include kolache's(sweet bread with filling) and Czech Fries(the next day dumpling) that is ready to pan fry, great with eggs for breakfast. 

Category:   Food & Beverages
Mary Hodny

504 Division St
Lankin, ND 58250

Phone Number: (701) 593-6315



Leo’s Potato Dumplings was founded by Leo and LaVern Bosh in the late 1980’s. Leo’s passion for cooking and keeping busy, along with his Czech heritage, led him to make dumplings for consumers. At 86, Leo retired and sold his business to the Hodny family of rural Lankin.

Member Since: 10/01/2010