Lacey's Custom Jewelry

Lacey’s Custom Jewelry designs all kinds of custom jewelry pieces. If you have an idea we can show you what your piece will look like before you make it. We specialize in all colors of gold, platinum and sterling silver.  We also work with all natural or created gemstones. We are a full service store that does custom pieces, repairs, appraisals and most popular the jewelry remakes. Remaking your jewelry can be a great process where you can still use all your gemstones and metal to ake something new and more modern.

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Lacey Madsen

913 W Interstate Ave
Bismarck, ND 58503-0955

Phone Number: (701) 214-9649



Started in 2014 in my 9x9 basement office in my house with me as the only worker. Now I have a retail store in Pinehurst Mall in Bismarck, ND

Member Since: 11/01/2014

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