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Knotty Reins is a business that designs and creates paracord items and now items of other materials as well.  Paracord is a very strong material that is as versatile as it is colorful.  All items are braided by hand and include: horse reins, halters, dog collars, leashes, and bracelets. New types of items are always being added.  Custom orders and requests are welcome. 

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Jackie Engdahl

1206 7th Ave SE
Jamestown, ND 58401-5966

Phone Number: (701) 320-8611

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All my life, I have wanted a horse.  My parents always told me, "When you grow up, you can get a job, and then you can get a horse." So that's exactly what I did.  One day while talking with some friends, the topic of paracord whens came up.  I have always been good at braiding, so after doing some research and playing around with paracord, Knotty Reins was born.  Since then, I have been expanding into dog leashes and collars, bracelets, and other survival items.

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