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John Galt Productions is a live event production/management, equipment rental, and media creation company. We pride ourselves on taking your event to the next level, creating an engaging experience that leaves people looking forward to coming back. We help you prepare for the unforeseen so you can make last minute adjustments that look like you planned them. We strive to help your message be effectively heard, seen, and experienced. Regardless of whether your event is one time, annually, or every week, we will help you run it better, more efficiently, and make the improvements necessary to share your message in a changing world.

If you want to take on the work yourself but need the equipment to do it right, we can provide everything you need to make it happen within your budget. We would also love to consult for you on your building or installation project, helping you understand what's being proposed, and ensuring it will meet your needs now and in the future.

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Shawn Kirsch

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With over a decade helping churches and non-profits with their production needs, John Galt Productions was started in 2018 to more efficiently provide the services, equipment, and training they need to share their message. We have continued to branch out our ability to provide the services needed in a changing world, most recently with the need to safely create virtual events via pre-recording and post-production or live streaming.

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