Ignite PHAT

IgnitePHAT is a fat loss program created by Dr. Jessica Dukart in Dickinson, ND. It is a healthy, whole food and all natural program to assist people with weight loss resistance. It supports the glands and hormones that can cause difficulty with losing weight including the PHAT axis:

It also helps to control cravings and hunger that can sabotage diets. Success is possible, even if you have treid everything else and failed. Learn more: https://youtu.be/Lam3p0Z7cKE

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Jessica Dukart

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History: The company was started in Dickinson at Bell Chiropractic by Dr. Jessica Dukart in March 2016. We have assisted over 1,000 people in their weight loss goals. Products can be purchased at Bell Chiropractic or shipped throughout the U.S.
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