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GC Books offers children's picture books. Each book is in a series featuring a gingerbread cousin as the main character. Each cousin is from a different state. Children learn about the states as the cousins encounter places and characters native to each state. The books are for children ages 3-8. We have a "fact page" about each state included and a hidden symbol on every page for the child to find. Our titles include: "Miki, the Mixed-Up Musher" (Alaska) "Skip the Spacey Surfer" (Florida) "Cash, the Carefree Cowboy" (North Dakota) "Diego, the Distance Driver" (Arizona) "Tanner, the Timely Traveler" (Pennsylvania) "Bitsy the Busy Biker"

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Judy Kvaale

636 12-1/2 Ave E
West Fargo, ND 58078

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History: On our weekly walks, we discovered we both wanted to write a children's book, and so we started writing the "Gingerbread Cousins" book series in 2014.
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