Fingal District no 54

Fingal District no. 54 is a custom decorated apparel business housed in the community's first school building built in 1892, who’s core values embrace hometown growth. Having a multi-purpose, it is a retail boutique space filled with custom designed, exclusive, and artisan style products; a gathering space providing a small unique and private area for entertaining; and a working design space used to create and manufacture products sold to small businesses for promotions and resale. 

Category:   Artisans & Gifts
Laurie Olson

403 3rd St
Fingal, ND 58031

Phone Number: (701) 238-8215



Fingal District no. 54 was established in 2019 and has provided custom designs and printed custom wearables for customers, farmers, and small businesses throughout the United States. FDno54 has 20+ years of design experience in the photography industry, newspaper, and decorated apparel.

Member Since: 06/28/2022

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