Emmel Brothers

Emmel Brothers is a father and son creating unique and lasting gifts from American iron. Forged together with an American-made welder...an old one that doesn't work well.

Category:   Artisans & Gifts
Kyle Emmel

Bismarck, ND

Phone Number:701-425-4190


History: So, we’re not brothers. It’s actually my dad and me. We have always joked about being brothers because we have been so close. When I was about 14, we started working on cars together. Over the years, we have made some pretty incredible things and have dreamt of even grander inventions together. Reaching for passions without a lot money lead to an environment of ingenuity, adaptability and extreme creativity. After high school, I left for the Army, war, then college and work. For years we had talked about returning to a life of dreams and passion. We have finally arrived. Our passion is to create, to create things that bring others happiness. We hope you enjoy.
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