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Dakota Reflections provides nature photography, education and conservation in North Dakota and throughout the world. The nature photography has an emphasis on maternal and paternal care of the young. Dakota Reflections has a website: dakotareflections.com and uses Facebook to post photographs with educational material provided. Dr. Stephen McDonough provides presentations to 3rd and 4th grade classes and has authored 6 children's books. Available photographs include: red foxes, brown/grizzly bears, polar bears, moose, bison, feral horses, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, penguins, seals, hummingbirds, raptors, owls, mountain bluebirds, waterfowl and many other birds, mountains in Alaska, South America, Africa and many photos from Antarctica.

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Stephen McDonough

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Bismarck, ND 58503-6547

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Dakota Reflections began in 2016 as a North Dakota business though principal photographer, Stephen McDonough, had been doing photography for a number of years. Although most of his photographs are from North Dakota, he has traveled to Alaska on numerous occasions and has ventured to Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica,India, Brazil, Tanzania and New Zealand.

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