Dakota Prairie Enrichment Center, Inc.

Dakota Prairie Enrichment Center, Inc. (DPEC) is a non-profit corporation that operates the Reeder Community Center (former Reeder Public School). It operates on tax deductible contributions, grants, memberships, fund-raising, and facility rentals. Rooms available for rent include: Gymnasium / Auditorium, Kitchen / Dining Room, Meeting Rooms, and 13 Lodging Rooms. We also have amenities accessible to surrounding communities along with lodgers. These amenities include the Fitness Room, Recreation Room, Library, and Pheasant Cleaning Station.

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Nicole Sott

302 4th Street
Reeder, ND 58649

Phone Number: (701) 853-2311

Cell Phone Number: (701) 297-3524



Dakota Prairie Enrichment Center, Inc. was incorporated May 7, 1999. The corporation is governed by an eight person Board of Directors. The mission of the corporation is to transition the former Reeder Public School into a regional economic development, cultural, and education center for the benefit of the region, to focus public attention on resources available and services that can be offered, and to encourage economic development, cultural awareness,and education of all age groups.

Member Since: 08/23/2018

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