Dakota Fiber Mill

Full Service fiber processing mill making yarn,roving and felted goods. Only mill in North dakota and one of less than 200 in the nation. We process for folks from just about every state in the nation. They ship their fiber in to us and we return it as finished yarn or roving. We also sell our own yarn, roving and felted products from fiber made from our own herd and also other alpacas and sheep from ND.

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Christi Armbrust

17061 54th ST SE
Kindred, ND 58051

Phone Number: (701) 238-4002


History: Started in 2010, with four alpacas and all the large industrial machines. Added many animals to the herd, insluding yaks and a camel, to show folks many different types of fiber animal sources. Our herd is down to a few alpacas and sheep but we still offer tours of the mill and shoppng in our onsite store.
Member Since: 03/23/2018

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