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Bountiful Rei's can best be summed up in our motto: "HOPE THROUGH ART." With that being said Bountiful Rei's uses art to bridge the emotions that can be felt with any struggle but most especially with the loss of a loved one. The artist and owner of Bountiful Rei's, Bill Brien has used art to share the story his wife, Geri who fought breast cancer for four years. Geri was diagnosed in 2014 and she beat the cancer but it returned. May 1, 2018 Geri made her journey Home. 

Bountiful Rei's has an assortment of art that can be purchased directly through the website. Each piece comes with a story that is written by the artist.

Other services offered by Bountiful Rei's is customer art work, company logos, memorial art and art for t-shirts. The artist is also willing to donate art for silent auctions or any benefit that helps raise funds or awareness for a particular cause. 

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William Brien

P.O. Box 1271
Bismarck, ND 58502

Phone Number: (701) 541-3016



Art Inspired by Tradition, Family and Love

Bountiful REI's was created in 2016 as a way to showcase and share the emotions and memories that come from real experiences. Our artist, Bill Brien, designs custom paintings in Bismarck, ND that draw inspiration from his Native American heritage, love for his family and grief over real-life struggles.

Our Native American artwork uses Native American imagery and words to showcase ideals like spirituality, womanhood, love and hope. Loss and grief are emotions everyone experiences. Through our Native American artwork, Bountiful REI's aims to help people connect and get through struggles together.

Member Since: 08/30/2020