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Blue Raven Trading Co. is excited to bring to you a truly unique confection: Freeze Dried Candy.

We believe our freeze dried candy provides a unique and exciting experience that customers of all ages will enjoy.  We are excited to help you make this product available to your customers.

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Freeze Dried Ice Cream

The same ice cream astronauts eat in space.  This no melt ice cream is a perfect snack for road trips, hiking, traveling and any time you want a light, crunchy confection.

Freeze Dried Milk Duds

Freeze dried Milk Duds are a light and airy pillow of carmel goodness.The slightly crunchy unique texture make this candy a melt in your mouth delicious treat.

Freeze Dried Skittles

Freeze dried Skittles are the perfect treat for people who love Skittles.  These Skittles are light, airy, crunchy and packed with all the flavor or regular Skittles.

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