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Badlands Beef, LLC is owned and operated by Gary and Jan Kuhn.  Our ranch is located south of Manning, ND. where we raise natural grass fed tame beef.  We produce livestock that are loved and cared for like family.  They are all tame, and have as little stress on them as possible.  Our cattle have wonderful living conditions complete with fresh drinking water, the same as our family drinks. We are not rough with our animals.  We do not brand and only give vaccines that are required for their well being.  We use no artificial hormones or growth enhancing drugs. Buying beef from Badlands Beef, LLC means you are feeding your family with love...because we have loved every animal from their birth to their purpose.  Badlands Beef is simply the most natural and best beef you can buy.  We are a small ranch and our beef is sold on a first come first serve basis.

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Jan Kuhn

10830 23rd St. SW
Manning, ND 58642

Phone Number: (701) 590-2248



Badlands Beef, LLC originated in October 2020 after years of supplying our friends and family with beef.  The feedback we got from them encouraged us to want others to have the best beef for their family.  

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