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Locally grown & fed USDA inspected Angus Beef

The difference in ours verses others in the quality of the genetics and feed. We excel in both areas. We strive everyday to make our cattle and beef product better.

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Josh Sundsbak

Des Lacs, ND 58733

Phone Number: (701) 720-1252

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Over 60 years raising purebred Black Angus

7/S Beef is a division of Sundbak Farms. A family operation with purebred Angus cattle and a diversified crop operation. 7/S Beef specializes in a superb product. There is a reason Angus is a household name. Angus beef is flavorful, tender, and exceptionally juicy. The Sundsbak family has a high moral belief in producing a high-quality product for all consumers. The beef was all raised, fed and prepared for your consumption on our operation in Des Lacs ND. At 7/S Beef we believe in our family, and the operation we have built over generations and strive to better our operation for generations to come.

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