3 Bits Custom Creations

New and repurposed homemade crafts, wreaths, furniture and misc. 

Category:   Artisans & Gifts
Kari Johnson

302 17th Ave NE
Jamestown, ND 58401-3842

Phone Number: (605) 661-5582



3 Bits Custom Creations was official in the state of ND in November 2018. Prior to becoming an official business it was a hobby that grew bigger. We started by just making some wooden decor and have evolved into also making wreaths, redone furniture, products from other materials, graphic shirts and a wide variety of musc. 

From day one our mission has been to create affordable pieces that everyone will love. We often use materials that we stumble upon including thrift store finds, old weather farm wood, discarded wood and any other "trash" to some people. We love to make something new outta something old. 

Member Since: 10/09/2019

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