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J & J Corporation
J & J Corporation (Soyko International) researches and develops agricultural commodities specializing in edible sprout soybeans and soy-like specialty food products. They also condition, store, package, label and ship grain and seed.
  Category: Food & Beverages

J&V Crafts & More
J&V Crafts & More features machine embroidery on sweatshirts, t-shirts and rhinestone zipper jackets. They also have a large assortment of other items including, embroidered toilet paper, clocks, picture frames, dish towels, fleece travel pillows and many more items. They offer cedar birdhouses, feeders and other wood items in many shapes and sizes, which are made from old and new cedar wood.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

J. F. Cicci
Author of such works as Truffle's Sad Song (children's books) and The Insider Chipmunk Threat (satire).
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Jack's Steakhouse
Jack’s Steakhouse is a locally-owned, family steakhouse that takes pride in their friendly atmosphere, outstanding food and, of course, their famous Jack’s Sauce.
  Category: Food & Beverages

James Karn
Books by author James Karn take children back to a simpler time when tractors were beginning to replace horses on a Midwestern farm.
  Category: Publishers

JDS Gems
JDS Gems creates unique, affordable, handcrafted gemstone jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and watches. They do custom work and offer restringing service.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Jellyfish Crossing
Jellyfish Crossing makes jellyfish paper weights and necklaces, as well as earrings with spinner parts.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Jen's Breads
Jen's Breads is a bakery dedicated to producing fresh-baked products! Best known for their #1 seller, Italian Herb Cheese Bread, and jumbo unique cookies such as cherry cheesecake, salted caramel dark chocolate, monster, and s‘mores! Jen's also offers gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options.
  Category: Food & Beverages

Jimbonita's LLC
Jimbonita's is a frozen pizza manufacturer located in Hatton, ND. We make pizzas under the names Jimmy's and Bonita's Frozen Pizza as well as private custom labels.
  Category: Food & Beverages

JMB Band
JMB Band’s music consists of listening and danceable old-time, old standard - country western, waltz and polka music. Their CD’s are “One More Time in North Dakota,” “Just Like Old Times in North Dakota,” “Good Times in North Dakota,” “Twilight on the Prairies of North Dakota,” “Happy Days in North Dakota,” “Kickin’ Back in North Dakota,” “Music Memories of North Dakota,” "Happy Holidays from North Dakota," and “Jammin’ in North Dakota.” To order CD’s or schedule bookings, contact: Jerry Schlag at 701-839-2893 or e-mail accordionman@srt.com. Corrections have been made (Myron is no longer a partner)
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

John's Very Cool Glass Art
John’s Very Cool Glass Art creates original lamp-worked bead and fused glass jewelry as well as stained glass and fused glass gift items.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Johnstown Bean Company
Johnstown Bean Company is a dry bean processing plant which receives dry edible beans from farmers and cleans and processes them for domestic and international shipping. They are an independent company and offer their growers up-to-the minute, firsthand knowledge on growing, harvesting and marketing their crop. Expansion plans include small packaging, including mixes for government, retail sales and internet marketing.
  Category: Food & Beverages

Jon Brosseau, Piano Stylings
Jon Brosseau offers original, upbeat, piano arrangements of memorable American music on CD. Styles include a variety of piano stride, ragtime, honky-tonk, swing, blues, polkas, spirituals, and more. Three CDs available ($15.00 each, free shipping): (1) Stride Piano, (2) Piano Stew, (3) Some Ragtime, Blues & Boogie. Direct order at 209 S 4th Street (Drayton, ND), email jonbrosseau@me.com, or order online at www.cdbaby.com.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Joni Lund – Trading Post & Healing
Joni Lund – Trading Post is a threefold business offering: 1) Private member health renewal center “Northern Plains Health Institute.” 2) Trade shop/leather shop, Joni Lund – Trading Post, and 3) “Paradise Ranch” – sales of Paso Largo Horses with paid member access to facilities, equipment, stock and grounds. Extensive gardens to follow. Sales: toxin detox equipment on-site rental/sales; holistic herbs and supplements, herbal tonic packets, research material and reference library, book store, carved candles, leather craft, Paso Fino horses. Reflexology, massage, pressure puncture, iridology, finger and nail diagnosis, hypnosis, muscle testing, nutritional, naturopathic and homeopathic consultation to follow. Joni is willing to assist people, pets and livestock. There are two reasons for illness: malnutrition and cellular toxicity.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

JP & Lee Foods, LLC
JP & Lee Foods is a company specializing in unique marinades, sauces and seasonings to enhance wild game, domestic meats, fish and vegetables.
  Category: Food & Beverages

Js Custom Designs
Js Custom Designs creates quality handcrafted jewelry at affordable prices. Specializing in custom designs, most pieces are made with Swarovski Crystals, gemstones, sterling silver and gold filled beads. Js Custom Designs will also redesign your dated pieces for a more modern look. New to Js Custom Designs is hypoallergenic jewelry, including the clasp, not made of metal but has the look and feel of metal.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Judy's Kitchen & Crafts
I make various craft items using whatever I have available. Popular right now are antique wood shingles made into scarecrows and snowmen, hand-embroidered quilts, crocheted dishcloths, centerpieces, table settings, hand embroidered dish towels,and much more.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts

Jumbo's is the producer of fine sauces, including the original Jumbo's Sloppy Joe Sauce and Jumbo's Jalapeno Sloppy Joe Sauce. Jumbo's Original Sloppy Joe Sauce was perfected over more than fifty years, first at Jumbo's Drive-In in Mandan, and later at the Mandan Dairy Queen. People would come from miles around for Jumbo Jim's famous Sloppy Joe recipe. Today, all you need is a pound of ground beef and a jar of Jumbo's Sloppy Joe Sauce, and you can have that same great flavor in your own home!
  Category: Food & Beverages

Just For Fun Sewing
Just For Fun Sewing creates handmade items for babies through adults. Some items include car seat covers, drool bibs, teething rings, blankets, burp cloths, critter blankets, crinkles, nursing covers and ponytail hats. Custom orders welcome.
  Category: Artisans & Gifts
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