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When someone starts a sentence with “did you know” it’s not often that what follows is disappointing. It is usually an interesting fact, a story or bit of information that is simply fascinating. Lucky for “did you know” lovers there is a whole series of those fascinating stories solely about North Dakotans and the amazing things they have done in and away from the state.

What started out as a weekly newspaper column about fascinating North Dakotans has become a book series with 4 volumes.  Readers from around North Dakota were quickly becoming intrigued by the stories author, Curt Eriksmoen, was writing.  Some of those readers were even keeping the articles in scrapbooks and when those scrapbooks started to get too cumbersome they encouraged Eriksmoen to publish the articles in a book.

With a masters degree and 40 years of North Dakota research in his background this was something Eriksmoen could easily accomplish. In 2003 Eriksmoen Enterprises was founded and started publishing the “Did You Know That…?” series.

These wonderful books will give every reader a new appreciation and pride in North Dakota and the great people that have lived in state. The pages are filled with stories of survival, success and prestige. Eriksmoen and his wife and editor, Jan, have been told because of the stories found in their books readers are able to truthfully say they are proud to be from North Dakota.

This new found pride comes from finding out the rich history that may not be found in textbooks. Some people say North Dakota is so small you can make a connection with anyone you meet, but now with these books a connection can be made to the past and the influential and amazing people that have set the mold for greatness. Volume 5 is due out in 2011 so don’t miss your chance to learn about those who have made North Dakota the great state is today.

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