Dr. Mary’s Books

Dr. Mary Ellen Erickson began her writing career in 2004 when she published her first book, First Day of School, a children’s picture book.  Dr Mary writes her books but to teach people something about life, human nature, a certain period in history, value, positive character traits and more.  All of her works are written using the motto, “Building A Better Society.” 

Since 2004, Dr. Mary has published nine books that have received attention from many different audiences including picture books for children, juvenile fiction for older children and fiction and nonfiction for adults.  “The thing that makes my company unique from other independent book publishing companies is that I write all of my own books and I write a large variety of books,” said Dr. Mary. 

The picture books that Dr. Mary has designed for young children are First Day of School, Snowstorm, and Bonbon’s Special Christmas.  These books are infused with ideas about character building, values and work ethic that are tangible for early readers.  The juvenile fiction series is adventure and mystery stories that are built around the theme of friendship, decision making and responsibility.  The book titles are What Happened to the Deer and Who Jinxed the C & G Ranch.  The fiction books that Dr. Mary writes for adult readers, titled Otis and Geezettes, are built to entertain and to provoke thoughts about human relationships and family dynamics.  Otis addresses the life of women growing up in 1950s at the beginning of the feminist movement.  The adult nonfiction books share ideas about how to approach caregiving for elders and endurance through tough times.  The nonfiction books are inspired by Dr. Mary’s background and life experiences.

Dr. Mary advertises her books at Pride of Dakota shows, as well as books signings at stores, craft shows, school programs, charities and state conventions, to name a few.  She is thankful to be working with Pride of Dakota and the residents of North Dakota because they have been very supportive of her work in helping to “market and promote” her books throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Florida.

To learn more about Dr. Mary’s books, or to shop online, visit www.drmarysbooks.com.  Books are also available in book stores around the country.

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